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And welcome to my page of poems. I wrote these to help to inspire others, as well as myself. Most are inspired by dialog(can you tell that I can't spell??) and scenes from Animes. I LOVE writing poems, they are a way to reach out to others. I hope you take the time to read a few... All are up and running! I'm finally caught up with my typing *joys!* Some of these might majorly depress you, while some might inspire you to me better. Happy New Year! And I hope to be writing and posting more soon, because I'm on a streak! Also check out my spiffy counter! ^-^

<(((_^))> Ja ne!

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January 5, 2000

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I really hope you like these...I put my heart and soul into all of them. Please think about the lessons that can be learned in these!

Now...On to the poems! *All are now up! So read them! Pretty please!!*
Red Journey One of my many poems with symbolism. *Now up*
Sea of Time This one refers to Captain Harlock a lot. As a matter of fact...practically all of them do! *Now up*
In the Moment I HIGHLY recommend this one! It was inspired by the words of a great man, Stephen Melillo. He's awesome! Go listen to some of his music at! *Now up*
Everburning Flame Not much to say...Mainly about war. *Now up*
Forever Lost A girl must say goodbye to her brother. *Now up*
Train of Youth I have a big thing with youth. This one was inspired mainly by my favorite movie, Galaxy Express 999! *Now up*
Tears of Youth Another one about youth. *Now up*
The Truth About War This one is sad, but it has a GREAT point. Based on the true story of war, Grave of the Fireflies. *Now up*
Fireflies, the Children of War I'm a big Anti-war person too. This one also inspired by Grave of the Fireflies. I also highly recommend reading this one! *Now up*
Pillar of Peace Is one is about why I write poems, and what I truely believe in...peace. It's inspired by Green Legend Ran. *Now up*
The Metal Puppet A good one inspired by Armitage III. *Now up*
III You kinda have to know a little about Armitage and circle poems for this one. I'll explain on that page. *Now up*
Sayonara Another circle poem. Inspired by my favorite song, Sayonara. *Now up*
Idol My last circle poem, well from school that is... This one's inspired by Key: The Metal Idol. *Now up*
To Let Compassion Free I LOVE this one! READ IT!!!! It's about Valtier/Valgarv! You don't have to know who he is to understand. I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!! The best!! If you read any, read this one! ^_^ *Now up*
I Love You More Then Words Can Say A poem dedicated to love, and someone I once loved. *Now up*
Your Loving Embrace Another poem dedicated to love of the past ^_^*Now Up*
As the Rain Falls Beautiful poem about love and companionship. *Now Up* ^_^
Diamond of Passion This is an old poem that I forgot to type earlier. It is good, but not one of my best. *Now Up*
Grandma I wrote this poem for my grandmother's funeral. *Now Up*
As Long As You Are Here These are the lyrics to the first song I wrote ^_^ *Now Up*
Cursed Life This song I named the Cursed Song b/c that's what I get for writing about being alone when going out w/ someone *Now Up*
Anata ni Koi Shita This is the song I wrote in Japanese, it has both the Japanese and the English translation *Now Up*
Bottled Emotions This one was a message to someone, but they are gone now. *Now Up*
Return My Love to Me This on was also a message to the same person. *Now Up*
Fate of Being Alone Ok..Now starts the depressioning ones. *Now Up*
The Little Angel Called Hope This one is a poem I made out of a talk I had with my friend. *Now Up*
Hope and Dreams Will Come True This one is meant to enlighten. So no more depression. WOO! *Now Up*
Thanks to Love This one is a Thank you to all my friends who helped me through my hard times. *Now Up*
Angel of the Heavens This one is dedicated to a very special someone ^_^ *Now Up*
Eternal Embrace This one is also dedicated to a special someone ^_^ *Now Up*
Ink This one is back on my war stuff again. *Now Up*
Gift of Greed This one is a story about how blindness currupted a man. *Now Up*
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